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 Meeting of the Ninja

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Egress Uchiha
Egress Uchiha

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PostSubject: Meeting of the Ninja   Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:45 pm

In a new hope, Egress Uchiha sits in the parallel illusionary dimension with top ninja shinobi in the Mist village. They dicuss the future of the Mist Village, strengthening it, adn the arrival of the expected.....

Egress arrives in time for the meeting....

"Sorry gentlemen, I was late, I had some things to sort out..."

Egress took a seat next to the Water Daimyo...

ANBU Chief: "Lord Egress, we're here to discuss about the new recruits you invited in..... the Rukia girl and the boy named Kira?"

Egress: "yes, I persoanlly escorted them here.."

Daimyo: "well due to whatever that purpose was.... we discovered something about the Rukia girl..."

Egress: "Hmm?"

Jounin: "It looks like her powers are meant for something... secretive"

Egress: Egress nods "I know, the secret is hidden under an old Rukia clan cave... but the mass and structure there are way too infected and heavy.."

ANBU Chief: "We need her to use her powers to unleash the obstacle..."

Daimyo: "If she could do it- I mean, if she's strong enough to unleash her kekkai genkai and destory it.., I would be supervising the contruction myself- by force i have to use it on her if she dosent cooperate...

Egress: "Patience Lord Daimyo, she's quite strong. If she were to fidn out that you were the main ringleader of the Massacre of her clan- she would kill you.."

ANBU Team Captain: '' She should be placed in a Genin cell- and we will use her to help us finding the secret when she's chunin rank.."

ANBU Black Op: "She should be with the Kira boy...."

Egress: "Which reminds me, why bring up him?"

Daimyo: "Because we discovered they both share a common caln massacre philosphy... they should be able to understand each other... anyway the boy's bloodline powers could be strong enough to control and crush her bloodline limits.."

Egress: "Hmph, I an already tell Rukia is stronger than Kira..... though she hasnt unleashed it yet..."

Medical Ninja: "Could be trouble if they turn on us, couldn't we just chop of an eye..."

All of the Hunter Ninjas nod...

Egress: "No, if we do that, Yuki's rage will unleash on us, surely it could destory the whole village..."

ANBU Chief: "But surely someone like you could control both of them?"

Egress: "Heh, me? Well, I could possibly assist them...."

ANBU Black Op: "Under that cave, should be a scroll explaining the Rukia's clan secret hijutsu technique!"

Daimyo: smiles and giggles happily with himself...

Egress: "yes, and how would that be of your concern..?"

Everybody looks at the ANBU Chief and Daimyo..

Daimyo: Because Lord Mizuakge, if we imbued it with her, it could make her more powerful than Kage level! We know this power is unique, so if we use that adn she's an ally of ours, we could use her as a weapon!"

Egress: "Weapon? A secret plan? she's a shinobi!"

ANBU Chief: "Yes but if we have her along our side, we could defeat any shinobi that gets in our way, as well as destorying every other village and claim the enter Five Great Nations and prove our superority! The entire shinobi world would bow down to the Water Country and the new Mist Empire!"

Egress: "If she does have this power, we're too low on shinobi that preceed into a magnitude of that measure..."

ANBU Team Captain: "Very well, we need her trained and ready with the powers she already have. When she comes to chunin, I want to see her ebating every jounin in the village, even if it means she dies!

Jounin: "Ha! she beat me, you're gotta be kidding me.." "However, about the Kira boy-"

Egress: "The information about the Kira boy is forbidden..... however he has talent as a Mizukage and I've been thinking him of becoming my successsor.."

Advisor: "That would be unfortunate, if he would turn on us if he has natural kage level talent and a high level hijutsu he hasnt discovered yet.... as well as the Rukia's secret imbued with the girl, we would not have a chance on stopping them, we should leave him in the wilderness and die like his pathetic clan!

Egress: "He was already come to here, his will and might is strong, he has already been placed in a cell..."

Daimyo: "See to it that they're both comrades, for if they know the other-"

Egress: "I know, the prophecy, but i only need one more person, as a formidable foe that could surpass Kira and Yuki..."

Egress turned to leave the meeting...
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Meeting of the Ninja
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