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 Demon of the Mist

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Yuki rukia
Yuki rukia

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PostSubject: Demon of the Mist   Mon May 16, 2011 11:34 pm

Name: Yuki Rukia

Nickname: Demon of the Hidden Mist, received this name from the merciless work she did for her Mizukage to whom she is extremely loyal to

Sword pic:
simple looking katana

Can create powerful snow/hail storms making visibility extremely low allow for the "silent killing" technique and chakra can be channelled through sword (glows blue when chakra flows through it). This allows Yuki to extend the reach of her sword as well as attack at a distance by swinging the sword and releasing crescents of energy at their targets.

Sword name: Kooriaisu
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Demon of the Mist
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